And life goes on....

Hi all!

Since my last post, and with very mixed emotions, the Monkeys have moved from New Orleans to Palm Beach, FL.  We are having a great time now living in a place others vacation, but we, of course, miss NOLA.

I've started a new blog about my adventures on my way to turning 40.  Come check it out and give me a shoutout to know you are still around...



Zurich Classic, Jazzfest, and a great chance for New Orleans kids!

Yesterday, my work hosted clients at the 18th hole executive suite at the Zurich Classic golf Tournament.  It was a great, relaxing day with awesome food, bloody mary's, and an exhilarating day watching golf (I say this in jest because I really don't follow golf or enjoy it) but the atmosphere well made up for it.

One thing I thought was cool is that Humana, the healthcare company, is doing the Humana Walkit Challenge, where golf fans attending the tournament can pick up a free pedometer at one of the multiple Humana Walkit stations on the course during tournament week, and Humana will track the steps of each participating fan for a chance at earning a brand new playground in an area of need in their local community. 
This year’s Humana Walkit Challenge will be a national competition to see which 2013 PGA TOUR event generates the most steps taken by fans. The tournament with the most recorded steps will win a new multigenerational playground from Humana and KaBOOM! – a national nonprofit organization that has built more than 2,200 playgrounds.

So, get out and walk, New Orleans!

I'll leave you with a picture of my and my friend at Jazzfest last year.  I'm excited to be heading to Jazzfest today with my whole family!  What a great weekend to be in NOLA!!


Circus Circus!

Sunday afternoon, Little Monkey and I took a trip to the circus!  We had an awesome time.  It was the Jerusalem Shrine Circus and I was pretty impressed by the variety and quality of the acts.  Before the show, they had elephant rides, pony rides, pictures with a snake, bounce houses and face painting.  As you can see below, LM chose to get his face painted like a snake.  He kept making me take pictures of him so he could see himself (he was very impressed).

His two favorite parts were the Human Cannonball and the Lions.  I'd say I was most impressed by the motorcycles.  They had this small metal cage and put 6 motorcycles in it and they drove around and around and upside down without running into each other.  It was unbelievable!

We had a great time together and he was completely zonked out by the time we got home.


The problem with bananas.... (Making banana bread from a store bought cake mix)

I'm on the fence about bananas.  I like them right before they ripen when their stems still have just a hint of green.  One day past that stage, and they are dead to me.

Which brings me to the problem with bananas.... gnats!  As soon as they pass the perfect stage, I ignore them and they attract gnats.   This grosses me out and I usually just throw them away... until about a year ago when pinterest rocked my world!

I was pinning and randomly came across a pin for Artsy-Fartsy Mama's post on Easy Banana Bread using a store bought yellow cake mix.  I ran to the cabinet but only had some crumb cake mix.   I figured I'd swap out Fartsy's yellow cake mix with the crumb cake, and voila... the best chocolate chip banana crumb cake you will ever know!! Its totally moist and delicious and super easy.  And Big Monkey LOVES it!

Normally I make it in two loaf pans but last night, I tried it muffin style and they were even better than usual. Give it a try....


Feel awesome in your workout wear!- Ellie monthly subscription box

This year, my new year's resolution was to get rid of all my nasty, old workout clothes and really get some things I feel great in.  I think this will help with my motivation and just make me want to get out there an run.  So, a few months ago I joined a monthly subscription service that makes great looking workout wear.  The new brand is called Ellie and I'm in love with the style and the material!  All the material is moisture wicking and drifit but most importantly I just look damn good in it :-)  I've pretty much been wearing the leggings and long sleeve shirt, and adding my Uggs, as my goto outfit this winter.

Anyway, I made a video you can see here letting you know about the brand and showing the pieces I've gotten and worn so far.

Use my link here ELLIE and get 20% off your first month's order.  You can cancel anytime or return something you don't like or doesn't fit.  Shipping is free to you and back if you don't like something.

Let me know how you like it.


Getting back in the running game....

So, since I ran my fastest half marathon at the Jazz Half in October (1:55), I have been seriously slacking in my running and exercising in general. I have a pretty hard time getting out of bed in cold weather so I'm hoping spring will reenergize my routine. This picture sort of motivated me. Maybe it's time for some new, fun running gear?

I also need my running buddies to get their butt in gear. Knowing someone is waiting for me to meet them, always makes me get up in the morning.


Calling all New Orleans Moms for a casting call!!

Are you upbeat, energetic, and do you love to entertain?  Have you always dreamed of "being discovered"?!

Today might just be your lucky day!

EBlock Casting is holding a casting call for women (New Orleans locals only) who are married with children and enjoy frequently hosting football parties for friends and family at home. Must also enjoy preparing homemade recipes and snacks on game day. Energetic, upbeat personalities are a plus!

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please email eblockcasting@gmail.com. Candidates must be available in New Orleans the week of January 28, 2013.  Deadline is January 8.

Let me know if you get discovered and I'll say "I knew you when...."