Who is still out there?!

Hello all!  I've been gone quite a while from blogging land and I'd love to know who is still out there? If you are still out there, please leave a comment and let me know you still get this feed.  I'd love to catch up on some of the old blogs I used to read.

In 2009 I joined Facebook and it sort of took over my need to have a blog, as I could keep in touch with friends and family easily through that medium, BUT lately, I've been missing the ability to really write and express a greater range of things that a blog allows.

So.... I thought I'd come back and get caught up and see if I still like blogging...

Just to catch you up quickly, Little Monkey is now five years old!!  And, he is such a good boy.  Just very sweet, caring, and loving.  We feel very lucky to be raising him.  Big Monkey is doing very well.  I'm still running.  I've lost about 17 pounds since 2009 and just ran my fastest half marathon in October coming in at 1:55:00 which I was very proud of! 

I'm very excited to have the holidays behind me and looking forward to spring in NOLA.  With Mardi Gras AND the Superbowl in February this year, I should have lots of "News from NOLA" to bring to you in the coming months.....