Another Wedding Weekend

This last weekend ended up being really fun. After our trip to Pancho's, BM, LM, and I packed up the car and headed to Baton Rouge. We ditched Little Monkey with his grandparents and headed to Alexandria for the wedding of our good friend and former coffeeshop barista, Anna.

Although Alexandria was a little more boring than I had expected, the wedding was beautiful and Big Monkey and I had a fun night away from LM. We even had time to go see a movie after the wedding. We saw I Love You, Man and IT WAS HILARIOUS!! Run, don't walk, to the movie theater right now. I laughed through the whole thing.This picture may look familiar since this is the third wedding in six months, BM and I have worn this same suit and dress! I actually found a perfect dress in Baton Rouge but hadn't brought the shoes I have that would have matched and didn't want to spend anymore money. So, I went with Old Faithful. Hopefully I'll have another opportunity to wear the new dress soon.


History in the making! Pancho's returns to Metairie!

Friday was a big day for NOLA! Pancho's Mexican Super Buffet finally returned from a Katrina-imposed three and a half year absence and I was lucky enough to be invited to the VIP only Friday lunch (opening day was Saturday). You have to be pretty special to be a Pancho's VIP!

Everything was delicious and Panchito showed everyone a fabulous time. Check out my pics and video...Sara and Panchito
Random girl in DIY Pancho's tshirt
The entrees of Pancho's

The dudes brought their own antacid!

My "I survived Pancho's" Bumper Sticker. BM was NOT happy I put this on the car!


The Little Monkey is crazy for rubber duckies!

Little Monkey LOVES to take baths and play with his duckies. His first pseudo-word was "quack-quack". He loves everything duck related- feeding the ducks in Audubon Park, reading about the ducks in his books, playing with his puzzles that have ducks in them, and most of all playing with his duckies in the bathtub!

Recently, he has started to get very OCD in this duck business. He lines up all the ducks in rows and they must all be turned in the same direction. He gets very upset if you turn one the opposite way of the rest of them.

He is really into organizing things and always has been. Sometimes he reminds me of a mad scientist. Definitely not a family trait in either mine or Big Monkey's families so we'll see if it sticks.


Call me a Mah Jongg Maven

Before Hurricane Katrina, we had about 20 women who met weekly to play Mah Jongg at each other's houses. It was an awesome time and we all made some great friends and had great memories from it. Since then, we have often tried to get the momentum going again but after a couple of weeks, it peters out and we end up having a long dry spell. I tried to break the current spell by hosting a game at my house last night. I made enchiladas, set up the folding table, put out the sets, and waiting for the crowd to show. We had about ten ladies come and a great time was had. Hopefully, we will be able to start up a weekly game again.
I won on a great WINDS hand. I was pretty impressed with myself!


Little Monkey is seeing double!

This weekend, Little Monkey got to meet his favorite friend, Rachel's, twin sister, Sarah. He was in heaven having two identical buddies to play with. The whole weekend was beautiful New Orleans spring weather. Couldn't have been better!

Unfortunately, on a bad note, I fell down and bruised my knees and won't be able to train for a bit. I was headed to the baptism of a friend's little baby boy. While walking down some steps, the heel of my shoe got caught in the cuff of my pants. I was holding Little Monkey and was trying so hard not to drop him that I couldn't put my hands out and fell hard. A nice lady stopped to help us, and after, realizing we were going to be ok, said "Your fall looked so funny and slow motion that I wish I taped it and could put it on YouTube". Thanks!


My Grandma and me: Circa 1981?

My uncle scanned this pic for me a while back. I think I must have been about 6? I'm not sure. I'll have to ask my mom and dad. Check out that 1970's wood paneled kitchen!


People who don't question authority annoy me!

This weekend my mom took me to this store Stage. It is a discount store and she said they have good deals and sales on clothes. I need to get some more summer clothes for Little Monkey so I thought we would take a look. Well, right at the front door they had a rack of tons of toddler stuff for $3.99 and I got a bunch of great deals. Then I headed to the boys section where they had another rack that was clearly marked (with a big sign) 50% off. But all the prices marked were NOT 50%, as seen above.

I asked the lady who worked there if the prices were as marked and she said "Yes, the price is what is on the yellow tag". So I said, "but, you see, (in my sweetest voice), that is not 50% off" and she said "Yes it is, the price was $20 and now it is $9.99". And, I said "No, the price was $14.99, not $20. It says that clearly on the tag. It says the pants were a $20 value but your store's price is $14.99" Her response to me was, "Well, that is what our corporate office sends us and that is what I have to put out. Nothing I can do about it." Then she turned around and ran into the back to hide from me.

Now, I would not have bought those pants for $7.50 anyway, but let's not pretend that I am stupid and can't read the tag. Also, if the concept is clearly being misinterpreted by someone on high, shouldn't they be made aware?

Anyway, the whole thing just annoyed me and made me sad that there are people in the world who are just ok living with things as is just so their job is easier.


Happy St. Patty's Day from the Little Monkey!


Little Monkey gets his first haircut!

In Jewish tradition, many wait until their boys are three years old to get their first haircut and make a ceremony out of it called an Upsherin. Click here for a wonderful story of one mom who did this.

Although, we are far from Orthodox, I contemplated following this tradition with the Little Monkey. Since Big Monkey's hair is curly if let to grow, I had images of LM's hair growing into beautiful flowing locks. Unfortunately, instead he takes after me and it ended up being thin, straight, and flat. Within the last few months it has looked more like a mullet than the mane I imagined.

So, with a heavy heart, I decided last week to make him an appointment for his first haircut. I had heard of a great children's salon in Baton Rouge, Belles and Beaus, and we were heading that way this weekend.

We walked in and headed to the firetruck. Little Monkey put on his smock and immediately the "torture" began. Even Elmo couldn't help him now! He was screaming like we've never heard him before. It took four of us to simultaneously hold him down and try to soothe him. He truly acted like he wasn't sure if he was going to make it out alive that day!

In the end, it was all worth it. Little Monkey got a great cut, a diploma for his bravery, and a lock of his hair for Mama's scrapbook.

I have included a video so you too can feel his pain!


(AFTER)- need to get better "after" picture of the back, but it looked good
Big Monkey horsin' around at the salon!


Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

I got exactly 3 1/2 hours sleep last night. That is a nap, not a good night's sleep! Stupidly, I went out with friends last night for coffee at 8 o'clock. I had a latte (not decaf) and could immediately feel my heart start racing. I could tell I was talking faster and louder and really started to feel a little drunk. It was only one shot but just must have been really strong. I also hadn't eaten much yesterday.

I had done a run yesterday afternoon and BM made me take a shower before going to bed (I'm content to just stink up the joint and do it in the morning, but BM will have none of that). Of course, the shower woke me up too. Anyway, I was up surfing the net until 2:30 am!

I am certain to have serious baggage under the eyes today!


Little Monkey to the rescue!

Happy Belated Purim! This post is one day late since Purim, a Jewish holiday, was yesterday, but needless to say, I thought I would post pics of Little Monkey at Adloyadah, the Purim Carnival at the New Orleans JCC, this weekend. Some of my friends from our local Hadassah chapter and me spent several days making Hamentashen for the event and they turned out really tasty. LM took a bit of time warming up but soon had a great time.Ignore how bad I look in this picture but I thought it was cute of LM.


Being sick cramps my style

I've had the crud a lot of last week and this weekend and it has really put a cramp in my style.  I've just been exhausted and have had funk in my chest I can't cough up.  I haven't run but 3 pathetically slow miles in over a week.  Finally today, I am starting to feel a lot better and hope I can get back to my training schedule tomorrow.  I have six weeks left until the half marathon.  Got to get my butt in gear!


It's Crawfish Time!!!

After Mardi Gras, a quiet falls upon the City and it is usually around this time when Louisianians start to get an itch. It begins slowly as a sweet, salty smell fills the air near groceries and fish markets. The Catholics stop eating meat on Fridays and then everyone realizes... It's Crawfish season!

Friday, I couldn't hold out any longer. We invited some friends over, bought 13 pounds, sat on the front porch, and enjoyed some of that hot, spicy goodness! The flavor was great although they were a bit smaller than I like. Can't wait to have some more!


My fab-tastic new Ipod Shuffle playlist

For the longest time I have been running with one of the old 8GB humongous video ipods with an arm strap. It is ridiculously large and chafes my arm every time I run. Big Monkey says I look like those guys from the 1980's who carried the boombox on their shoulder.

Last week, I saw that Apple Store was having a special sale on their refurbished Ipod shuffles for $29 so I jumped on it and was soon delivered the little green beauty you see above.

I wanted to make my new shuffle only for running so I chose very carefully out of my library to make sure every song put on it is upbeat and sure to motivate me. I thought you might like to see my new playlist. Now, keep in mind, I know it is a bit pop-heavy but you do have to remember the purpose is to workout... no depressing, mellow music for this mix.

Song Title

Alicia Keys

If I Had $1,000,000
Barenaked Ladies

Let's Get It Started
Black Eyed Peas

Have Fun, Go Mad

Holding Out For A Hero
Bonnie Tyler

Bowling For Soup

Another Saturday Night
Cat Stevens

One, Two Step
Ciara featuring Missy Elliot

Jumping Someone Else's Train
The Cure

Lose My Breath
Destiny's Child

Not Ready to Make Nice
Dixie Chicks

Cleaning Out My Closet

Ugly Girl
Fleming & John

What You Waiting For?
Gwen Stefani

A Public Affair
Jessica Simpson

Miss Independent
Kelly Clarkson

Rocket Boy
Liz Phair

Michelle Branch

Someday I Suppose
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Baby Girl
Nelly Furtado

So Fresh, So Clean

Paul Simon

Ciara featuring Petey Pablo

Let's Hear It For The Boy
Deniece Williams

Come On Eileen
Dexy's Midnight Runners

Good Enough

Without Me

London Bridge

Stacy's Mom
Fountains of Wayne

Over My Head (Cable Car)
The Fray

American Idiot
Green Day

Rich Girl
Gwen Stefani & Eve

Get Right
Jennifer Lopez

Since U Been Gone
Kelly Clarkson

Somebody Told Me
The Killers

The Impression That I Get
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Just A Girl
No Doubt

Stars Are Blind
Paris Hilton

Me And Julio Down By the Schoolyard
Paul Simon


Whenever, Wherever

Gone Daddy Gone
Violent Femmes


You Know My Name
South Park Mexican

Steve Miller Band

Rush And A Push And the Land is Ours
The Smiths


The Obvious Child
Paul Simon

It's the End of the World As We Know It

I Wanna Be Sedated
The Ramones

Gas In My Car
Skankin' Pickle

Blister in The Sun
Violent Femmes

Birdhouse in Your Soul
They Might Be Giants

All Mixed Up

Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

Hot N Cold
Katy Perry

Britney Spears

Right Now (Na Na Na)

So What

American Boy (feat. Kanye West)

Low (feat. T-Pain)
Flo Rida


Jillian kicked my ass tonight

I made an Amazon order the other day that was over the $25 you need for free Super Saver shipping, so I decided to throw in The Biggest Loser's trainer, Jillian's DVD, The 30 Day Shred that I've been hearing so much about. At less than $9, what did I have to lose?

I just got it in the mail and tried it tonight. I didn't realize I needed weights and didn't have any so I improvised by using some candlesticks. Note to self: get some weights! Anyway, level one was a pretty good workout for only 20 minutes. The cardio was not that challenging, but the strength training was tough for me.

I'm not going to do it everyday, but I figure it will be a good add-on for me on the days I don't run.


A Streetcar Named Inspire- continued

This weekend I was out and about and, for some reason, I wandered into the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans. This is a part of New Orleans near Lake Pontchartrain and City Park which was right where one of the levees broke in Hurricane Katrina. My Grandparents lived in this neighborhood for almost 40 years until their home was destroyed by flooding. They have since moved into a retirement community and what was once their home, a home I spent much of my childhood in, is now just a concrete slab. Sometimes I like to drive around the area, look at the slab, and see how the rebuilding efforts are going in that part of the City.

During this weekend's visit, I stumbled upon these artists' tribute to Lakeview and decided to add them to our collection.

More to come...


I Heart Potatoes!

How weird is this? I found it in the bag of potatoes I bought on Saturday. Do you think some worker put it in there thinking maybe someone would find it on Valentine's Day? If so, that would have been super cool. Too bad it didn't go down like that :(


9 mile run report and my new fear of dogs

Today, I embarked upon my longest run yet, 9 miles. It is actually kind of hard to find good routes for long runs in New Orleans because the city just isn't that big. So I drove to City Park and followed this route (click here for map). It took me through some really pretty parts of Mid-City and the French Quarter. It is important to me to have an interesting route. I hate having a boring route. It makes the run that much more unbearable. Today, I used my new fuel belt for the first time and also tried out GU. Having the water handy really helped me. I took the GU at the 45 minute mark and it definitely gave me a burst of energy. I was totally racing through the Quarter. But then I hit mile 6 and felt a blister forming in the arch of my left foot and also I was having some weird pain in the second toe on my left foot. Those last three miles were tough and my toe pain was getting really bad the last half mile, but I made it and I'm pretty darn proud of myself!

In other news, it seems that in response to getting bit by that dog last year, I have developed a bit of a fear of big dogs while I'm running. The last couple of weeks, I have been getting nervous as I approach big dogs on my runs in the park. I am really nervous I am going to startle them as I run by and they will attack me. Today, as I rounded a corner, I did just that with a Husky (the same breed that bit me, coincidentally) and he lunged at me. It scared the shit out of me and really freaked me out since that is exactly the fear I have been having. I'm not sure what to do about it other than just try to avoid areas where big dogs are.

Other than that, my weekend was uneventful just as planned.