The Little Monkey is crazy for rubber duckies!

Little Monkey LOVES to take baths and play with his duckies. His first pseudo-word was "quack-quack". He loves everything duck related- feeding the ducks in Audubon Park, reading about the ducks in his books, playing with his puzzles that have ducks in them, and most of all playing with his duckies in the bathtub!

Recently, he has started to get very OCD in this duck business. He lines up all the ducks in rows and they must all be turned in the same direction. He gets very upset if you turn one the opposite way of the rest of them.

He is really into organizing things and always has been. Sometimes he reminds me of a mad scientist. Definitely not a family trait in either mine or Big Monkey's families so we'll see if it sticks.


NolaMom said...

It's a phase. It certainly didn't stick over here.

Michelle said...

Awww, he's so cute. I love all the duckies! My little one loves the bath too. I can't seem to get her out once she's in. She's definitely a water baby. LOL!

Cascia said...

That is cute! My kids love rubber duckies too.