Zurich Classic, Jazzfest, and a great chance for New Orleans kids!

Yesterday, my work hosted clients at the 18th hole executive suite at the Zurich Classic golf Tournament.  It was a great, relaxing day with awesome food, bloody mary's, and an exhilarating day watching golf (I say this in jest because I really don't follow golf or enjoy it) but the atmosphere well made up for it.

One thing I thought was cool is that Humana, the healthcare company, is doing the Humana Walkit Challenge, where golf fans attending the tournament can pick up a free pedometer at one of the multiple Humana Walkit stations on the course during tournament week, and Humana will track the steps of each participating fan for a chance at earning a brand new playground in an area of need in their local community. 
This year’s Humana Walkit Challenge will be a national competition to see which 2013 PGA TOUR event generates the most steps taken by fans. The tournament with the most recorded steps will win a new multigenerational playground from Humana and KaBOOM! – a national nonprofit organization that has built more than 2,200 playgrounds.

So, get out and walk, New Orleans!

I'll leave you with a picture of my and my friend at Jazzfest last year.  I'm excited to be heading to Jazzfest today with my whole family!  What a great weekend to be in NOLA!!