Happy National Raspberry Cream Pie Day!

That's right, folks! August 1 is officially National Raspberry Cream Pie Day. What's that? You want Chocolate Raspberry Pie or Raspberry Cheesecake? Sorry, you're out of luck. Raspberry CREAM Pie is the only offering on the menu today! Seriously, has anyone even heard of a Raspberry Cream Pie? Well, apparently, yes... Check out the recipe here, get to baking, and have yourself one tasty Friday night. And, if you want to share the fun with friends, send them a Happy National Raspberry Pie Day E-card. You better get busy though, because National Raspberry Cream Pie Day only comes around once a year, ya know!


"Holla at cha boy!"

Kenley! Kenley? Are you kidding me? Heidi, did Seal slip a little something in your drink last night? What were you thinking, Nina? If you ask me, Kenley's version of a "night out in the big city" looked spookily reminiscent to this 1980's vogue pattern. Makes the model look like she's got a third cheek to her backside if you ask me. You be the judge....

If you aren't in the know, this post is in reference to Project Runway and the ridiculous choice of winner tonight. Get to watchin' it!


Another Tuesday night

LM enjoyed a refreshing bath tonight. He can't seem to figure out that the bubbles don't go in your mouth!

LM's friend Little Laz came by for a visit tonight. He had a great time kissing Nelson.

Weekend Highlights

My BFF (lets call her Poops), who you have seen in a previous post in the green top, is about to pop out Baby B anyday now. So, in anticipation of the arrival, I busted out crafty Sara and sewed up these cute burp clothes. I think they turned out pretty great if I do say so myself!

Speaking of The B's, we enjoyed a great dinner with them Friday evening at this little tapas place on Carrollton Ave. Drunk GB is always much more fun than his counterpart Normal GB and as you can see in the picture, Drunk GB made an appearance that evening!
The Little Monkey had a great time with his Leenie (Grandma) on Saturday. He really enjoyed handing her all of his diapers and making her put them back.


I'm getting dizzy, Daddy!

The Little Monkey decided to take his stroller for a spin around the living room...


Keeping it in the family....

My super-cool cousin just started her own blog, Sock1220. Go check it out and leave her a comment. She volunteers for the Louisiana SPCA and will tell you about all the sweet animals that need good homes.


My Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

Needless to say, I look at a lot of blogs daily and sometimes I see some pretty funny stuff. I thought I would start a weekly post highlighting my top five blog posts of the week. Let me know which is your favorite.

1) I really must thank Sasha from Barely Keeping It All Together for introducing me to this blog, Cake Wrecks. Every post had me cracking up, but I especially appreciated this example of a cake gone wrong. You really just need to check out the whole site. Each post is funnier than the next.

2) I work for a global company and about every year or so our corporate sponsorships change. But, it seems this local bank might really have bitten off more than it can chew!

3) First came J-Lo, then Beyonce, but the size of Kim Kardashian's backside has broken all barriers and is officially just off the hook! My favorite blogger from The Superficial says it much more eloquently.

4) Ignore my previous post lauding the wonderful education I received from LSU as I'm assuming these two geniuses are looking for the Jason's Deli in Baton Rouge.

5) Mulder and Scully really have seen better days. I doubt I will be rushing out to see the movie.


Photo at Sunset

I took this picture one evening at sunset last weekend when I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle. I really like the picture and wish I was better at photoshop because with some work, I bet it could be really beautiful.

Le Pavillon Hotel for lunch

Today, I had quite the treat! I was joined by three friends and we went to Le Pavillon (pronounced by the locals as Le Paaaveeyon, not Le Pavilyen) for their lunch buffet. It consists of an awesome salad bar, pasta bar, soup, hot dishes, hamburgers, hot dogs, and some of the best bread pudding in town! Two of my friends are pregnant. In the eyes of a pregnant woman, you can't ask for much more than a buffet, but going to Le Pavillon is really hitting the jackpot! I ate way too much and will pay for it on the scale tomorrow.

A giveaway for ya

Check out The Soft Landing Blog for a chance to win a new model Safe Sippy cup. All items on this blog are BPA-free and safe for all the little ones out there.


I have the morning paper beat!

blog readability test

Apparently, that LSU schoolin' comes in handy. My blog has been deemed college level reading material. I'm so proud!

Make It Work!

Oh, how do I love you Tim Gunn, let me count the ways! It's finally here...season five. I missed the first episode last week due to my trip, but thanks to the best gift God has given to mankind, DVR, I was able to go grocery shopping tonight AND watch episode 1 and 2. I'm not a betting woman so I won't make an predictions quite yet, but I did love Suede's cocktail dress tonight.

And tomorrow night is Swingtown. I am loving that show! Will blog about my thoughts as soon as it ends.


Make your own photo cube

I made this cool photo cube for my office desk using Tabblo by HP. It turns out to be the size of a Rubik's cube. I used these pictures because they were on my desktop and were convenient. I may make one with better pics later. I wonder if you could blow it up and make it bigger? If so, I think these would make great centerpieces for a party.


Monkey See, Monkey Do

I made these monkey cupcakes and cake for LM's recent first birthday. The cupcakes turned out great, but unfortunately the cake ended up looking like a soggy piece of poop! You cook the cake in a large bowl, and thanks to our sorry excuse for an oven (you notice that I don't blame it on my cooking skills), I burned it. So, I ended up peeling off the burned layer and icing over the inside of the cake. It tasted pretty good and I would recommend trying it. Check out the link, because it looked a lot better when Martha made it.


Waiting around at the airport pretty much stinks!

We are headed home today. I purposely got a flight out early so I would be home early and could wind down, but as is typical with United Airlines, the plane is "broken". We already missed our connection in DC, so we now are scheduled to come in at 7pm. Hopefully we will actually make it at that time. I don't have a lot of faith in the repeated announcements that we will be leaving any time now. Oh well, a day wasted surfing the internet at the Richmond airport. Thanks goodness for free wireless!


Just so you know, our trip to Virginia has not been without its hard work. Yesterday, my Dad found a new toy and he was like a kid in a candy store (or maybe I should say, like a man at the Home Depot). Anyway, he opened the shed in my Aunt's backyard and music rang out from Heaven on high! There standing in front of him was an original John Deere riding lawn mower. It took about 30 minutes, but he finally figured out how to back it out of the shed and off he went to re-mulch the front yard. I decided I should help, because it did look pretty fun driving that lawn mower. After, we were done, we had a fun time cooling off in the sprinkler.

Hanover Tomatoes

Hanover County, Virginia is apparently famous for its tomatoes and for good reason! These are the largest, reddest, sweetest tomatoes I have ever eaten. My new answer to the question, "If you could only bring one thing with you to a deserted island, what would you bring?"...Hanover tomatoes!! I am especially loving them with my aunt's fresh-grown basil. We head to the local Farmer's Market on Saturday and I can't wait.

Coffeehouse Research

When you own a coffeehouse, you always have to keep an eye on the competition, even if the competition is 1200 miles away! Today I bumped into this cute little coffeehouse in Ashland, Virginia and ordered my regular (a two shot breve latte with a splenda on the bottom). Very nice shop with a huge room in the back for nightly music. The baristas were super friendly and my latte was just what I needed to kick off the morning!

Beautiful Ashland, Virginia

We are staying right outside of this cute little town called Ashland, Virginia. As we drove to my Aunt's house, we passed rolling hills and beautiful farmland. I took this picture this morning at a horse training facility. The weather is really nice compared to New Orleans; not as much humidity. I can wear jeans and not pass out from the heat!


Funny thing happened on the way to Richmond..

My dad and I are off to Richmond, VA today to visit my aunt and uncle. We had just gotten up from our seats to get off the plane (you know that awful period of time you are awkwardly standing there like a bunch of sardines waiting for them to open the door and trying not to have to speak to anyone!) So, all of a sudden, this women comes from the very back of the plane trying to get to the front, literally stepping over people to get to the front of the plane. The door was not even open yet! So, I say to her, "Miss, where exactly are you going?" and she says, "I am going to catch my plane." At this point, I want to say "Oh, I see, because the rest of us were just standing around for kicks!", but of course, by that point she had already climbed over the people in front of me and was well on her way. At least we all got a kick out of it. To the lady on the flight from New Orleans to Atlanta this morning, I hope you made your connection!


Speaking of Dentists....

The End of the Innocence

Big event in the Monkey house this evening! We have finally hit bottom, of the last can of formula, that is! We move from baby to full-fledged toddler. From here on out it is whole milk only for the LM. Bye-bye Baby Monkey :(


And you thought I was hard headed!

So, LM is going to owe us $600! We are adding it to his bill.

Last week I came home and the nanny was saying something about LM banging into her with his head and how it made her cry. I pretty much can't understand what she says most of the time because she speaks mostly Spanish so I just smiled and nodded and looked sad for her, and then forgot about the whole thing.

So yesterday, she comes in and tells me again how she went to the dentist and she is in a lot of pain. At this point I am beginning to think she is serious, so I call BM and tell him to call her and figure out exactly what is going on (BM speaks Spanish). I mean, obviously, I'm not going to let her pay if LM's big old head knocked her silly.

Off she goes to our dentist today to find out she needs the tooth extracted and a bridge added. The quote is $600! I am actually thinking that sounds cheap so please keep your fingers crossed that the buck stops there! I'll keep you posted.

How cute is the Little Monkey?

On Sunday, the Little Monkey was sporting his most stylish Ralph Lauren shortall and I think he looked exceptionally cute! He was very excited to get to play in the toddler room at the Louisiana Childrens Museum.


Triple the pleasure, Triple the fun!

I would like to introduce you to LM's good friends, the Triplets. The triplets are 11 days younger than LM and just celebrated their 1st birthday party at the Louisiana Childrens Museum. Everyone had lots of fun. The scene as the triplets feasted on their "smash cakes" was no less than painful and I do not envy the job that Triplet Mom had of cleaning them up.

9 minutes, 13 seconds

Jigsaw Puzzle

9:13... That's how long it took me to do this online puzzle of Jackson Square. See if you can beat my time (shouldn't be that hard) and let me know how you did.

My Boys

These are the men in my life... Big Monkey, Little Monkey, Willy, and Nelson, our dachshunds. I love the way LM is relaxin' with his hands behind his head.


Welcome to my blog!

I set up this blog about two years ago, wrote one post, and quickly forgot about it. Now two years and one baby later, I am ready to post regularly to ensure that everyone we know can have updated info on what is going on in our lives. For the sake of privacy, I will call our one-year old "The Little Monkey" (or LM). My husband will be "The Big Monkey" (or appropriately BM). And, I am, of course, Sara.

Hope you enjoy my blog and come back often to see what we are up to.