Welcome to my blog!

I set up this blog about two years ago, wrote one post, and quickly forgot about it. Now two years and one baby later, I am ready to post regularly to ensure that everyone we know can have updated info on what is going on in our lives. For the sake of privacy, I will call our one-year old "The Little Monkey" (or LM). My husband will be "The Big Monkey" (or appropriately BM). And, I am, of course, Sara.

Hope you enjoy my blog and come back often to see what we are up to.



Meredith said...

I'm glad (and very impressed) that you will be blogging! Hopefully you will post more regularly than the Weathers Report. :)
Looking forward to checking in with you!

AR said...

welcome back to the land of blog. I'm a pal of JWK. Just want to say hi and my sil lives in New Orleans. I also have a couple of friends who live there. Small World. What's the name of your coffee shop and I will tell them about it. : )