Funny thing happened on the way to Richmond..

My dad and I are off to Richmond, VA today to visit my aunt and uncle. We had just gotten up from our seats to get off the plane (you know that awful period of time you are awkwardly standing there like a bunch of sardines waiting for them to open the door and trying not to have to speak to anyone!) So, all of a sudden, this women comes from the very back of the plane trying to get to the front, literally stepping over people to get to the front of the plane. The door was not even open yet! So, I say to her, "Miss, where exactly are you going?" and she says, "I am going to catch my plane." At this point, I want to say "Oh, I see, because the rest of us were just standing around for kicks!", but of course, by that point she had already climbed over the people in front of me and was well on her way. At least we all got a kick out of it. To the lady on the flight from New Orleans to Atlanta this morning, I hope you made your connection!

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