And you thought I was hard headed!

So, LM is going to owe us $600! We are adding it to his bill.

Last week I came home and the nanny was saying something about LM banging into her with his head and how it made her cry. I pretty much can't understand what she says most of the time because she speaks mostly Spanish so I just smiled and nodded and looked sad for her, and then forgot about the whole thing.

So yesterday, she comes in and tells me again how she went to the dentist and she is in a lot of pain. At this point I am beginning to think she is serious, so I call BM and tell him to call her and figure out exactly what is going on (BM speaks Spanish). I mean, obviously, I'm not going to let her pay if LM's big old head knocked her silly.

Off she goes to our dentist today to find out she needs the tooth extracted and a bridge added. The quote is $600! I am actually thinking that sounds cheap so please keep your fingers crossed that the buck stops there! I'll keep you posted.

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