A Streetcar Named Inspire- continued

This weekend I was out and about and, for some reason, I wandered into the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans. This is a part of New Orleans near Lake Pontchartrain and City Park which was right where one of the levees broke in Hurricane Katrina. My Grandparents lived in this neighborhood for almost 40 years until their home was destroyed by flooding. They have since moved into a retirement community and what was once their home, a home I spent much of my childhood in, is now just a concrete slab. Sometimes I like to drive around the area, look at the slab, and see how the rebuilding efforts are going in that part of the City.

During this weekend's visit, I stumbled upon these artists' tribute to Lakeview and decided to add them to our collection.

More to come...


Mike Golch said...

good photo's thanks for sharing them.

Karen said...

Those are so pretty. Do you feel sad when you visit that area?

Shinade said...

Oh i want one of those...these are just fantastic!!

You know by blood I am a Louisianian. I am adopted and was born in Texas.

But, my biological father was from LA. Basil Collin Stroud. He was an artist and his family told me that many of his artworks are hung in many locations within the state.

I love it there. I miss being able to visit now that we live in Oklahoma.

Great mail boxes and great pictures!!


Later Gator said...

I love these. We noticed one in the French Quarter but didn't know the story behind it. Cool idea.