History in the making! Pancho's returns to Metairie!

Friday was a big day for NOLA! Pancho's Mexican Super Buffet finally returned from a Katrina-imposed three and a half year absence and I was lucky enough to be invited to the VIP only Friday lunch (opening day was Saturday). You have to be pretty special to be a Pancho's VIP!

Everything was delicious and Panchito showed everyone a fabulous time. Check out my pics and video...Sara and Panchito
Random girl in DIY Pancho's tshirt
The entrees of Pancho's

The dudes brought their own antacid!

My "I survived Pancho's" Bumper Sticker. BM was NOT happy I put this on the car!


LSU Melanie said...

how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LatinTeacher said...

I am jealous. I may be making a trip when I come for JazzFest. Otherwise, it will have to be over the summer. Was the food as you remember it?