Being sick cramps my style

I've had the crud a lot of last week and this weekend and it has really put a cramp in my style.  I've just been exhausted and have had funk in my chest I can't cough up.  I haven't run but 3 pathetically slow miles in over a week.  Finally today, I am starting to feel a lot better and hope I can get back to my training schedule tomorrow.  I have six weeks left until the half marathon.  Got to get my butt in gear!


Mike Golch said...

warm thoughts your way,I'm hoping that you will feel better sooner.

Mystery Man said...

dude, that sucks! Glad you're starting to feel better. I knwo when I got sick last month it totally messed up my workout schedule. That time off made me kinda lazy...lol

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Poor baby. . .get well soon!