People who don't question authority annoy me!

This weekend my mom took me to this store Stage. It is a discount store and she said they have good deals and sales on clothes. I need to get some more summer clothes for Little Monkey so I thought we would take a look. Well, right at the front door they had a rack of tons of toddler stuff for $3.99 and I got a bunch of great deals. Then I headed to the boys section where they had another rack that was clearly marked (with a big sign) 50% off. But all the prices marked were NOT 50%, as seen above.

I asked the lady who worked there if the prices were as marked and she said "Yes, the price is what is on the yellow tag". So I said, "but, you see, (in my sweetest voice), that is not 50% off" and she said "Yes it is, the price was $20 and now it is $9.99". And, I said "No, the price was $14.99, not $20. It says that clearly on the tag. It says the pants were a $20 value but your store's price is $14.99" Her response to me was, "Well, that is what our corporate office sends us and that is what I have to put out. Nothing I can do about it." Then she turned around and ran into the back to hide from me.

Now, I would not have bought those pants for $7.50 anyway, but let's not pretend that I am stupid and can't read the tag. Also, if the concept is clearly being misinterpreted by someone on high, shouldn't they be made aware?

Anyway, the whole thing just annoyed me and made me sad that there are people in the world who are just ok living with things as is just so their job is easier.


Mike Golch said...

What you actually expect people to earn a living? what a novel concept.except people do not do that nay more. case in point was what I heard at the justice center where I was a corrections officer."they do not pay me enought to do this job"

Karen said...

That was truly false advertising.

Michele said...

I could not agree with you more! I have come across the same types of situations more often than not, and it's extremely frustrating, but also very sad. It's sad that kids are growing up without respect for their customers, themselves, or their jobs. Way different than when I worked retail before I was a teacher and pharmacy tech. I walk into my old place of employment, and I'm always shocked at the rudeness of the cashiers, their lack of manners and care/concern for their customers.

Michele R.(CA)
Butterfly Whispers

Jessica said...

Stage is crazy like that. There is one in Natchez, MS, where my parents live and you have to watch them ring up every item to make sure they get the prices right. However, I did get a pair of Sketchers there for dirt cheap my last trip home so that was good.