Not feeling the love

I'm at the airport right now and am more than a bit annoyed at AirTran because I just had to pay $15 to check ONE bag. I've never had to pay to check one bag before! Is this a new thing or does AirTran just suck? The worst part is I totally could have brought my bag on the plane but I am also carrying a cooler full of meat for my sister which I will now have to use as my carry-on.

So, to my former vegan, meat-hating sister, you better not waste a bite of these stuffed porkchops!


Blandina said...

hope your race went well!

so many of the airlines are charging for every little thing now.
it's ridic.

Lynne said...

I think the only US airline still not charging for the first bag might be Southwest. It's utterly ridiculous.

ModernMommy said...

Last time I flew was on US AIrlines and they charged me too. :-(

becky @ misspriss said...

Same thing with American... unless you're flying first class. Yeah, right!

Julie Vaicius said...

Did you enjoy the 1/2 marathon? I loved it so much that I ended up training for and running a marathon the next year! I would love to do another one when I have some more free time to devote to training.