The problem with bananas.... (Making banana bread from a store bought cake mix)

I'm on the fence about bananas.  I like them right before they ripen when their stems still have just a hint of green.  One day past that stage, and they are dead to me.

Which brings me to the problem with bananas.... gnats!  As soon as they pass the perfect stage, I ignore them and they attract gnats.   This grosses me out and I usually just throw them away... until about a year ago when pinterest rocked my world!

I was pinning and randomly came across a pin for Artsy-Fartsy Mama's post on Easy Banana Bread using a store bought yellow cake mix.  I ran to the cabinet but only had some crumb cake mix.   I figured I'd swap out Fartsy's yellow cake mix with the crumb cake, and voila... the best chocolate chip banana crumb cake you will ever know!! Its totally moist and delicious and super easy.  And Big Monkey LOVES it!

Normally I make it in two loaf pans but last night, I tried it muffin style and they were even better than usual. Give it a try....

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