Are any of you doing Weight Watchers?

I have been doing Weight Watchers now for six weeks and I've lost 5.2 pounds . I've gotten into a bit of a rut with the foods I eat. These are typical foods that I eat on the Flex plan (I don't mean all in one day, just my staples):

WW yogurt
reduced fat wheat thins and light Laughing Cow cheese
Lender's bagel and WW cream cheese
Progresso Light soup
grilled chicken
fat free hot dogs and light buns
WW shredded cheese

This week I did terrible and I need some motivation. Are any of you on WW or have been and have good tips? Please don't give me recipes that take a lot of time. Anything more than 5 min breakfast, 10 minute lunch, or 15 minute dinner won't make it on my list.



Toni said...

I have done WW but always have done the points... Not sure what to tell you on the flex. 5.5 is great!!!

Sara said...

I am counting points. They have changed the names of the plan around and I can't remember the name, but it is point counting. I get 22 points a day and 35 extra points a week to use however.

AR said...

hey sara, my friend JWK (mycouchto5kjourney.blogspot.com)
did/does ww and lost 50 lbs in 7 months. go check out her blog and chat with her. maybe she can help with your ww ????

Later Gator said...

Ugh. I don't know how you do it.

Bridget said...

I have done weight watchers...my best tip for you, all of the 100 calorie packs of whatever (cookies, crackers, candy, etc) are all 2 points! It's been a while, but if I think of more I will stop back! Good luck! Congrats to you for sticking to it!

A.D. said...

The Hungry Girl cookbook (www.hungry-girl.com)has some great recipes and you can find WW points for all of them on their website. I've also used this site http://www.dwlz.com/ and found some great recipes. Good luck!!!

attygnorris said...

Congrats on losing 5.2 lbs. I hear that WW really works if you're committed to it. I do something similar on calorie-count.about.com.


Miriam said...

I'm big into sandwiches - using light bread and a light spread, deli meat like turkey or chicken, add some veggies...easy and delicious. Baked chips are good, oatmeal helps you stay fuller for longer, fruit and veggies are really important too...basically anything that has more fiber!! That's what I eat a lot of on WW. See you in less than a month for the wedding!!

Anonymous said...

I did WW before, I did pretty well on it until I got to the same point you did, I started getting bored with the foods. :( Usually anything on the South Beach diet is low in points and are pretty good. Also, check out the website sparkpeople.com, they have alot of recipes and stuff. You just have to figure out point values. :) Good luck! I've lost four pounds, and am not really pushing myself to lose more until after the holidays. :)

Cara said...

I did WW after DS was born, and lost some weight. I need to go back on it. Good luck!