Review of La Macarena Pupuseria

A few weekends ago, BM, LM, and I tried to go to the Poboy festival on Oak Street but it was way too crowded and claustrophobic. We couldn't even get to any of the poboy stands yet we were starving, so we ended up walking to the new La Macarena Pupuseria on Hampson Street to check it out. As you can see by the bright pink and lime door, there really is no missing the place. It is very bright and cheery. It was the first weekend they were open and the owner and staff were more than excited we had walked in. We began to order off the lunch menu because it was about 1pm on Sunday and were told they did not offer the lunch menu on weekends. This was disappointing because the regular platters are quite expensive ranging from $14-$25.
We ended up ordering two platters anyway (gotta support the locals, right?). I got the Pupusas & Beef Tostada platter and LM got the Carne Mechada (Salvadorean style pot roast). When they came out, they were beautifully presented and ample portions. The pupusas were just the right consistancy and the pot roast was melt in your mouth. But the best thing I ate was the plantains. They were deliciously sweet with just a hint of crunchiness on the outside. Perfect!

The food at Pupuseria was wonderful and you could really tell everything was fresh, BUT, I have to say the prices make it very prohibitive for us and I doubt we will return often. It is in a very student-oriented part of town and I worry their prices are going to put them out of business quickly. They need to really revisit their thought process on that front. But, if you can afford the splurge, get yourself to La Macarena Pupuseria, preferably during a weekday lunch.


Hillbilly Willy said...

Good food makes me hungry.

10-4 Hillbilly Willy

Blandina said...

you would think we would have some pupuserias here, but noooooo. this place looks yummy but you are right, with prices like that, they will not get as much traffic. it's still making me drool, though.

Kris said...

I just moved into that area, and had the same thing happen at PoBoy fest. We ended up at Hana next door. I haven't been to Macarena yet, but I really want to try it now.

Kerry Flanagan said...

I just found your blog. I live near la macarena and am actually going there tonight for the first time. Glad to hear that it was good!

Kerry Flanagan said...

I have really enjoyed reading through all your blog entries! La Macarena was delicious. I had the vegetarian platter. I think my favorite was the plantains too!