Don't Mess With Texas!

Thursday and Friday took me to Houston on business. Luckily, Big Monkey was able to tag along and we had a great time living it up in the Lone Star State. Whenever we head to Houston, I feel like some character out of The Andy Griffith Show who is traveling to "the Big City"! The traffic is crazy, the City is huge, and the enormity of it all is a little overwhelming.

BM and I have our routine down during our biannual visits. We always hit the Galleria for some upscale shopping, Mama's Cafe on Westheimer for breakfast, and our own mecca, IKEA! Here are some highlight pics from this recent visit.(Kenneth Cole helping out in these tough economic times!)(Not sure if the sign got blown away in the Sept hurricane but seems like they should have it fixed by now?)(The breakfast tacos and hashbrowns are unbeatable at Mama's and way cheap!)

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