The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra's Re-Opening Gala

The LPO had its first performance since Katrina this weekend and my Firm sponsored a table at the sold-out Re-Opening Gala after the performance. It gave me and Big Monkey an opportunity to dress in our finest and get in some culture (something we don't often get since the arrival of Little Monkey)!(I hate my hair in this picture but wanted you to see BM in his tux. I tried to do an easy updo but just couldn't make it work.)

The actual event was wonderful and included a performance by Itzhak Perlman and the San Francisco Ballet. I haven't been to a ballet in some time and really enjoyed it. Aren't ballerinas just beautiful in their tutus? No wonder every little girl wants to grow up to be a ballerina!
The after dinner gala was nice but didn't get going until about 10:30 and we were pretty much ready to call it a night, so we ate dinner and were home by midnight.

Thanks to my mom and Grumps for the free night of babysitting. You and the dogs are welcome anytime if it gets me and BM out of the house more often!


Karen said...

You both look so nice! That would be fun to see a ballet. I have never seen a professional ballet.

AR said...

you two look tre' chic! and I love your hair. it's always fun to get dressed up and go out.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Hon, I have something for you on my blog since forever, but just now I had to chance to come and let you know.... It is on the post from January 4th: http://www.3bloomingbuds.com/2009/01/kreativ-blogger-award-update-and.html

Wendy said...

Alright! A night out!

Try to make it a more regular thing, okay? Take advantage of that local babysitting!

And I thought your hair was lovely, dahling.

carol at A Secnd Cup said...

You look great, hair and all!

charles mayeux said...

I look good in a tutu too!

You both looked very cultured and in great shape.