Doling out the awards- Day 2

For today, I would like to pass on the "I heart (love) your blog award". This award was bestowed upon me by my good friends at From A Yellow House In England, Rambling Stuff, and The Natural State Hawg. Thank you for "hearting" me and I "heart" you too!

I would like recognize two blogs by passing this award on to them:

Sock1220- This is my cousin's blog and she does a good job of keeping the Louisiana SPCA in the spotlight. Keep it up cuz!

GMG Sisters- Always has some interesting content. It is supposed to be three sisters blogging, but it seems that Mabel carries most of the load.

Now, if you "heart" my blog too, please subscribe by email, RSS feed, or you can join my "fan club". If you look on the side bar, Blogger has a new feature where you can become a "follower". I am not sure if this is only for people using blogger, but I don't think so. Does anyone know?


Mike Golch said...

You see three of us think you are Great!

Mabel said...

thank you so much Sara! :) i am so sorry I wasn't able to reply immediately to this. We were affected by hurricane Ike so we did not have electricity for 5 days! thanks a lot! i'll make a posting about this when I get the chance. :)