Sending good wishes to Texas

I am really hoping for the best for those in the Houston and Galveston area. We have been through this and these people are going to have a rough time ahead. I used to be an archaeologist in Port Lavaca, TX in my younger days and spent many a weekend in Galveston. I really hope the town pulls through. There are a lot of nice people there. Even though in New Orleans we always hope a storm turns another direction, I hate to see anything of this size threaten others. I am hoping that the storm passes quickly and those effected can return to normalcy with minimal damage.


Later Gator said...

These past two weeks have been pretty surreal. I hope things turn out OK for TX and Gulf Coast LA as well.

Mike Golch said...

Lett's hope Ike will not be too big of a pain in the rear end.

Bridgette said...

My thoughts are with all the Texans right now.