Leanne Marshall - Project Runway Season 5 Winner!

Congrats to Leanne on her win tonight. I think this is one of the first seasons where there was a clear-cut winner. I thought Leanne's designs were innovative and beautiful the whole season through. She really had a vision and went with it.

I also would not have minded Korto winning. I thought her stuff was equally beautiful but not as fresh. Kenley, as I've said from the beginning, just makes me sick and I'm ecstatic that she not only got the boot, but got put in her place. Due to her attitude, I think she will go nowhere fast in life. (Am I pathetically way too involved!?)

Was anyone else watching?


Mike Golch said...

since that is on cable,no I was not watching.

Elle said...

I was pleasantly surprised that Leanne won -- I thought Korto had it sewn up, especially with that last long green dress with the offset necklace for a strap! Poor Kenley's got some issues...