Visiting the Grandparents in Baton Rouge

Two weekends ago, we made the trek up to Baton Rouge to see the Grandparents, Leenie, Grumps, and Abuelo. We had a great time and took some pics. We were at a roadside fruit stand looking for pumpkins when the Little Monkey grabs a pluot (a mix between a plum and an apricot) and just starts ripping into it like its an animal carcass. The juice was running down his arms and looked like blood! It got embarrassing so we had to take him into the parking lot. His whole outift was ruined but we were in hysterics at the site of him!

(October 2008)
We took the pic above at the Retirement community where LM's great-grandparents live and the picture is taken in the same spot we took the picture below exactly a year before. Always fun to see the difference a year makes!
(October 2007)


Bridget said...

Oh my goodness, I love the comparison pictures, so cute!

Mike Golch said...

Sara,great photos! Now for some good news.I have an award waiting for you on my site.come and get it!

Nola Mommy said...


Mystery Man said...

love the photos, but you were over here in BR and didn't drop in to say hi? lol j/k

iWalk said...

I can feel the happiness of your family. Thank for share these enjoyment moments.

BTW: Thank you so much for the kindly comment on my site. Have a nice weekend!

lala said...

Pluots were always popular in my house. I've also heard them called dinosaur eggs, because of they way they look.

And yes, kids grow so fast, it's unbelievable!

You've been tagged for a worthy cause.

Later Gator said...

Just think of what changes the next year will bring!

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