Ohh...the joys of being a new mother!

Last Thursday, my blog post on "How to make a cheap chocolate chip cookie cake" was featured on the website www.ivillage.com (its not there anymore) and I got a ton of traffic from it. Well, Dana from Portland, Oregon actually took the time to email me a thank you for posting it. I thought that was so nice and we have been emailing back and forth since. She is a new mom of a beautiful 8 week old daughter. Yesterday, she sent me this email about how overwhelming it is to be a new mom. Here's what she wrote:

"All the new things I've learned! That yes, babies really do use 10-12 diapers a day (I thought my niece was exaggerating. Ha!). I understand why now babies take up a LOT of your time. I never knew there was a baby zone at the restaraunt until we got put there one evening dinner out. Who knew?? I went from eating every two hours, pregnant, to eating a Luna bar, granola bar, or banana for a meal. Not to mention we eat in shifts. 'Ok, you eat first while I hold the baby. when your done, I'll eat.' Oh, and how much I'd be using my left hand, and doing things one handed because baby was in the other. Multitasking--how I can rock the baby in her carrier with my foot while I'm eating out. New to me! Is any of this familiar to you?"

Isn't that so true about the restaurant?! I hate it when we are relegated to the "kid" zone. And we totally tag-team it while eating. Dinners out totally become a crap shoot with kids. So, here's to Dana! I'm sure she will get the hang of it soon... Just hang in there! They get a whole lot cuter at about 5 months. I've heard the cuteness begins to diminish when they start to talk, though. That's the next frontier for us!

In the meantime, here are some adorable pics of The Little Monkey's day at the park yesterday...


Mike Golch said...

being a new parent is a privledge that we will never have.

Bridget said...

Little Monkey is a stylish little dude!

I remember the newborn days all too clearly...I miss them, even though it was hard at times.

Nola Mommy said...


For help with one handed eating check out the post above.

WOW ivillage!!! How did they find you?

Sara said...

NOLA Mommy,
Never would have thought to invent "knork". So we have the spork, and now the knork, that just leaves the spife!

I guess they picked it up through my link to blogher ads. It was under that purple section in the middle of the page that says "The buzz in the blogs".

Gin E said...

I think they are more cuter when they started talking...you won't believe what's gonna come out of their mouth.

iVillager...Wow..that's great!

Julie Vaicius said...

Reading that post gave me flashbacks...it gets sooooo much easier so quickly but the first few months are tough!!!
I like your blog - will definitely be checking it out regularly.

lina said...

Little Monkey is so adorable!

I wonder how I coped with the sleepless/lack of sleep from taking care of Raimie when he was a baby.

NolaMom said...

So glad you found me. Love having other Nola Mom blogs to check out. 4 months was the start of the good stuff for me with both babies and I, for one, love when they start to talk!