It's Carnival Time!?

Well, the first parade of the Mardi Gras season, Krewe Du Vieux, came and went this weekend, and I'm still not feeling the carnival spirit yet this year.

We've only have one king cake at work which is odd. Normally, there would be a continuous flow since the person who gets the baby is supposed to bring the next king cake.

Hopefully, as things pick up next weekend, I'll get more into catching fake dog poop, shiny beads, and ladies' undies!


Anonymous said...

We're getting into the spirit here, although our first parade isn't until this next weekend. We have our Krewe De Chien parade and my favorite, the Rio parade. :) No King Cakes yet though.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Yeah, you need to get more in the spirit. You New Orleans folks know how to have a good time, for sure.

A "party" in Arkansas simply means a lot of people get together, get stinking drunk and act like idiots.

Things are a bit more refined in your neck of the woods.

The Natural State Hawg

Rachel Snyder said...

Hey, I just linked over here from Jorge Garcia's blog. So, is Mardi Gras worth the trip? I've always wanted to visit New Orleans, but always figured I'd want to AVOID Carnival, thinking it was something done primarily to attract tourists (much like our New Year's Eve ball drop, which I have no desire to ever attend). Is it a big deal for people who live there too?

BTW, you really should check out LOST. There's absolutely nothing like it :D

Sara said...


You've got to come visit New Orleans! Anytime but Mardi Gras is great. It can be anything you make of it. If you want wild revelry, we've got it. If you want more subdued families, travel Uptown and you'll find it too. Mardi Gras is totally for the locals. If tourists want to join in the fun, we are all for that, but the locals make it what it is.

Let me know if you plan to come and I'll give you some suggestions.


LSU Melanie said...

I think I have eaten enough king cakes this year. I am out of control and have decided that I cannot buy another one:) Have a great week, I cant wait until this weekend!!!!