The Little Monkey loves his blankie

LM has never been one for comfort items. He never used a pacifier and, until now, has not ben attached to any particular stuffed animals or lovies.

Little Monkey's nursery theme was all things monkey, of course, and before LM was born we received a special gift from my step-mother, JB. It was a really cute blanket with a monkey print on the front and soft flannel on the back. For the last couple of months, LM has been put to bed with this blanket and just recently, he has become very attached to it. Unfortunately, it is way to big and he keeps tripping over it as he drags it around the house.

So, I desparately called to see if any fabric was left to make a miniature version and sure enough it looks like there may be. Can't wait to get it in the mail!


signe said...

My kids all have their blankies...it's so cute to see them when they're little cuddling on them :)

Nicole Orriƫns said...

Good thinking! Perhaps you can make two, so you even have a back up!


Suzanne said...

How funny! Little boy has never needed comfort items either, but now he loves his Winnie The Pooh bear. I love that your little guy only says socks. You just know our boys are going to grow up and be Rocket Scientists. You wait!! =)

glutenfreegirl said...

Oh my I LOVE monkey fabric..if I could make my shop all monkey stuff I would...but I doubt it would sell lol... :)
DEF wanna have a backup blanky..see my son solves the problem by having like TEN blankies. Oye.