Open letter to latte lover

Dear strange lady who happens to live in our neighborhood and is also a coffeeshop customer:

Thank you for being a customer. Yes, we appreciate your business. The $3.45 we get from you the once a month you come in helps support our family. We try our best to make you the most delicious latte everytime you visit our establishment. I am glad you like it most of the time.

BUT, just because you know where we live, you really do not need to pound on our private home's door at 7 pm while we are putting Little Monkey to sleep and tell us how you are disappointed in your latte today. We do not need your opinion at 7pm on our front porch of what we should do to make a better latte.

In reality, it just makes you seem even more strange, and, in general, just kinda freaks us out.

Thank you,

The Monkeys


Cara said...

wow some people huh? Crazy

Taiya Renae said...

That's weird!

Stacie's Madness said...

oh my goodness..THE NERVE!!!

Kelly B said...

ooh, that is creepy! I would not be comfortable with that at all!



Blandina said...

holy crap! what is wrong with her?
someone has boundary issues.

nipsy said...

Okay, thats seriously headed not only into the stalker category, but beyond.. I sincerely apologize.. LOL

Free Bingo said...

Hahah this is great :)