Who knew Grumps was a professional top spinner?

As mentioned before, Little Monkey had a great time with Leenie, Grumps, and Abuelo this weekend while we had our night out in Alexandria. One thing LM loves about going to Leenie and Grumps' house is Grumps' top collection. He has about 30 old timey wooden tops from when he was in elementary school. I've been hearing for years about his time on the professional top spinning circuit (i.e. the schoolyard during recess) but had never seen it first hand. Well, let me tell you, it was pretty impressive. Grumps finally went out and got the right kind of string and gave us all a show. LM loved chasing after the tops and then throwing them across the driveway.

On a side note, I googled "top spinning" before doing this blog post and am quite surprised by the whole underground world of top spinning. Check out this website. The chat forum people are just crazy for top spinning. Kinda weird but I guess there is something out there for everyone!

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