Weekends... Gotta love em

Not much going on in the Monkey House right now. Today was absolutely gorgeous and we made the most of it. This morning LM and I took our routine walk around the park with some friends and then coffee at the coffeehouse. Then I headed to the Freret Street Festival with same girlfriends and we had a fun time people watching.

I put sunscreen on my face but didn't think about applying anywhere else and came away with a ridiculous sunburn which is going to look very silly when I wear something with a different neckline. The sun totally knocked me out and I took a long nap and then ordered Chinese food from our favorite, August Moon Restaurant.

(Check out this sunburn. Ignore stain on shirt from Chinese food mentioned above!)

I'll leave you with some cute pics of BM and LM from our trip to the park yesterday afternoon.(I think Big Monkey is looking quite handsome in this pic)


Mike Golch said...

Great photos.the sunburn-ouch.

Taiya Renae said...

Sara-I got sunburn all over too, and I had put sunscreen on my face and still have a nice red glow.