A beautiful blog post about New Orleans

Thanks to Elle at Maxwell the Tatooed Boy for this beautiful post about her home town New Orleans and why she misses it. It is a really moving tribute to the City. Check it out if you get a moment.


Mike Golch said...

that was a Nice post. thank you for the link. Hugs and Blessings

Elle said...

Wow, Sara, thanks! I'm speechless. Speechless and homesick, that's me. I never realized until moving away how much I miss the city, and how unique an experience living there really is.

Traci Anne said...

Oo! RE: San Francisco

Hypothetically, if K and I are both living and working in SF proper (as opposed to the East Bay, etc), will we need a car?

julia said...

Great Blog Sara...hope you didn't get too much weather from Fay...we have monsoons in the southwest not hurricanes. They are short and violent but not hurricanes however we do have scorpions!! Drop by to read about my latest scorpion battles! ha ha