I would like to thank the Blog-o-sphere!

Guess who got her first blog awards bestowed upon her today! Yep, you guessed it... me! I'm moving up the blogging ranks and have received the two awards you see below. The rules are:

1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.
2. Four (4) of them are followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

Thanks so much to Sassy Mama at Cafe at the End of the Universe for thinking I am so Kind! Now, this one is funny, because IRL (in real life), most people would not call me "kind". I'm not really known as one of those sweet girls who is nice to everybody, although I try to be. I do sometimes gossip and get spiteful on occasion. But, it is good to know that in Blog-o-sphere, I am coming across as quite pleasant.

I am now bestowing this award unto my "kindest" bloggy friends:

*Mike over at Rambling Stuff (Mike really is the kindest blogger I know. He truly deserves this award)
*AR over at Our Little Bunch (I don't know her well, but she seems like a really kind friend.)
*Bridgette at The Not-So-Blog Blog (I think it is very kind that she is showcasing N'awlins Niblets. Anything that demonstrates how great New Orleans is, is fine by me.)
*Bridget at Mama Belly Blog (She gave me my first tag. She is really kind and her mom is cool too!)
*Hari at Reflections of Darkness (this is my "lives in another part of world" winner. Hari lives in India and is very kind. He is trying to get the world to stop smoking and helps me with blogging tips.)

BLOGGING FRIENDS FOREVER AWARDThanks to Gin over at E-Pamilya for honoring me with the BFF award. I will now bestow this award unto my best bloggy friends:

*Later Gater over at What? (This is actually my friend in real life as well and I just found out she has a blog and I think she is a super cool after reading it. I'm glad I have stepped further into her world.)
*SoonerGirl at Groovy Kind of Life (She lives right down the road in Lafayette and I think her theory on using the "funnel" method to filter out men worthy of dating is ingenious.)
*Elle at Maxwell the Tatooed Boy and other Astounding Joys (I think she is cool and she leaves me good comments.)
*Wendy at The Domestiquette (She always has an interesting point of view and we would so be BFFs in real life if we actually knew each other outside of the bloggy world.)
*Lina at Life in my Own Backyard (this is my "lives in another part of world" winner from Malaysia. Lina always posts about weird foods and who else would blog about cheap hotdogs. I love it.)

So, there you have it. I have accepted my awards graciously and will try my best to live up to your now over the top expectations of my blogging skills.


Mike Golch said...

Sara, Thank you for the award.Hugs and God's blessing to you and your family my friend.

Bridgette said...

Awww....thanks, Sara! I think you are kind, too! :)

Elle said...

Hey, Sara - awesome! Congrats on the well-deserved blogorific awards and thank you for mine! I'll post and link ya later today!

AR said...

Hey girl, thanks! That was to sweet of you.

Channah said...

Congratulations for your awards!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the blog award! I can see why you got the kindest blogger award! Thanks for all the comments on my blog!

Later Gator said...

Thanks Sara! I love your blog. We need to see Lil Monkey; it's been too long. When the weather gets a bit cooler we are going to have a BBQ at the house.

Bridget said...

THANK YOU!!! That is the KINDEST thing!! Thank you thank you! You are so sweet! I love reading your blog!

lina said...

Congrats on your awards, and thank you for the award too. Awesome!

Mekhismom said...

Congratulations on all of your awards!

Wendy said...

Thank you! I was so thrilled to get this (my first one!) and finally passed it along today. Actually, to one of the previous commenters, no less.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where did you get the images and stuff for your blog awards? I'm thinking of giving some myself. :)