My Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

1) Thanks to Atniz for posting this cool video. I think it is totally amazing and I like the music choice too. How does someone discover this particular "talent"?

2) I never imaged that this is what Willy and Nelson do when we leave the house, but I guess I am just naive!

3) I know this will probably get me in trouble with some of my mom friends, but it is annoying when I call someone, get voicemail, and have to listen to a the two minute ramblings of a two year old! Check it out in more detail at Best Parent Ever, where they explain the Calculus of Parenting.

4) Ever wonder how blind people enjoy their "alone time", if you know what I mean? Well, apparently, The Hef takes care of everyone... Check out this issue of Playboy in Braille! Doesn't seem like it would have quite the same effect, but to each his own.

5) And last but not least, if you haven't checked out Stuff White People Like, you need to. My friend, Triplet Mom, who introduced me to it, says it should actually be called "Stuff White People in California Like", but I digress. I thought post #106 this week was pretty right on. At least daily, I get told how I have to be on Facebook. Everyone says, "but we can be Facebook friends", and then I say "But I talk to you three times a day already. Now I have to be friends with you in virtual world, too?!" Or I hear, "You can catch up with all those high school friends you haven't seen in years" and I say "If I haven't caught up with them by now, I would probably just assume leave it that way."

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