I was destined to love Peanut Butter

I have won very few things in my life. In the third grade, I won a bookmark in a reading competition. In the sixth grade, I won the blue first place ribbon in the basketball free throw on Field Day. In eigth grade, I was on the winning Quiz Bowl team at HJ McDonald middle school. And, that is pretty much where my winning streak ended.... until today!

Who knew my love of all things peanut butter would lead to me winning, of all things, a Grandpa Witmer's peanut butter mixer! Who even knew what a Grandpa Witmer's peanut butter mixer is, but as of today, I am the proud winner of The Peanut Butter blog's contest to win one. Thank you, Peanut Butter lady, for your generous understanding of the fact that noone likes separated peanut butter. What could be more horrid than taking the peanut butter out of the cabinet, only to have the oil on the top and the cream on the bottom. As of today, I will no longer be subjected to that particular affliction.

In honor of peanut butter, I would like to take a moment to have a short tutorial to teach my fellow bloggers how to make my favorite peanut butter dessert. When I was little, my bff's mom would make my favorite meal everytime I came to visit- corn dogs, mac n' cheese, and (drumroll, please) PEANUT BUTTER MARSHMALLOW TOAST! Follow these directions carefully and you, too, can enjoy this tasty treat.

1) Preheat toaster oven to broil.

2) Procure your favorite flavor bread, your favorite brand of PB, and mini-marshmallows.

3) Toast said bread lightly in a toaster.

4) Spread PB on toast and place mini-marshmallows on top of PB (I give you full artistic license with the placement).

5) Broil in oven. Watch closely because there is a fine line between roasted and burned marshmallows.

6) Sit and enjoy the peanut butter marshmallow roasted goodness!


Mike Golch said...

Sara,Sounds good to me! I have an I love you blog award that has you name on it.Come ovewr and grab it!

Starnes Family said...

I will have to try this with my little ones. Great idea!

Lots of prayers coming your way in regards to the weather. Hang in there!


Claire said...

What a combination, it looks delicious! I just read on your profile that you own a coffee house, i'm sooo jealous! Espresso is my number one hobby, hopefully when our renovations are finished i'm going to start roasting my own beans.
Congrats on the award!

lina said...

yummy! I'm getting hungry now.:-)

Gin said...

Congratz! The peanut butter marshmallow toast looks yummy!

Mekhismom said...

Congratualtions! I wanted to win that prize! I use natural peanut butter and it always has to be mixed!

The Q Family said...

Oh.. Look so yummy.. Make me want to run out and buy the toaster over. :)

-Amy @ The Q Family

adrastos said...

Ooh, a home made fluffer nutter. Yum.