I'm makin' groceries! Finally!

Yep, in New Orleans, "makin' groceries" means going grocery shopping and as of today, I can do it with ease. We just got a brand spankin' new grocery store right around the corner. I am so excited and, trust me, I am not exaggerating when I say, this is going to change my life.

Now, with what I am about to say, I know all you suburbanites are going to say, "Oh, poor baby. wah-wah", but the closest grocery, up until now has been a very far 2.08 miles away. I know that doesn't seem far, but in city traffic, it is, and because of that, I go to the grocery about once every two weeks. This means that we end up eating out a lot. But, NO MORE! With my new 5 minute walk to the store, I am vowing to go at least every weekend.

So, please hold me to it. I want to cook dinner at least five times a week. Now, Big Monkey, if you are reading this, that doesn't mean that it always has to be me going to the store and cooking. You can now help in that department too! I realize you only know how to make two things (quesadillas and pork loin) and those are fine with me and Little Monkey.


Mekhismom said...

I need to make some groceries! I have been coming up with some meals from the fridge but I will need to shop this weekend. I have no idea what we are eating tomorrow and Friday Should be a break day. Oh well.

Mike Golch said...

Sara, I thought that I'd take a break from my online school to go and visit my friends. I'm glad to hear that you have a ctore so close to you. I know that it can be a drag going tpo the store.
Hugs and God's Love and Blessing to you my dear blogging friend.Mike G. said that!(It's an A.A.thing of mine)

Wendy said...

You can walk to your grocery store now? Wow, I'm so jealous.

I have found that my hubband (who probably should have been a professional chef instead) will cook anything if I have it ready to go for him when he gets home. Of course he does love to cook, but it seems like taking the role of deciding what will be for dinner is the hard part... after that is done cooking it is no big deal.

eugene said...

hey holler from Penang, Malaysia. first time visitng you, love your blog, shall we xlink?

By the way jogging is very nice, been doing it for the past 10 years or so, my favourite running shoes is Brooks

Sassy Mama Bear said...

That is a neat phrase, never heard that before. We have a Walmart superstore within walking distance so it is nice, except when we do the big weekly shopping, with 3 teens, the food quantity is huge.

Paula said...

That's really convenient having a grocery near you. The supermarket is just 5 minutes from our house and I also love it.

myi4u said...

Hmm... I tend to go to superstore and even though the nearest one is about 1 mile, I would rather visit the 2 miles one because of the prices.

But I can understand how 'far' is the 2 miles when you live in the city. Good for you then.

Have a great day.