My Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

1) Thanks to Top Jokes for sharing this funny commercial about a baby trying to tell his clueless Daddy that he wants milk. I love it when the dad puts on the bra!

2) From Blogger Laugh Out Loud, check out the 101 Things You Should Not Say On Your Wedding Night. Some of those are pretty scary.

3) Continuing along the "bad things to say to your wife" road, check out this hilarious video, where this guy puts a list to music.. Very, very funny!

4) Check out Post Secret. This is an ongoing art project where people mail in postcards with their deepest darkest secrets written on the front. I am an open book but maybe I'll think of something buried deep down and send it in this week.

5) This isn't a funny post, but as a dachshund lover, I have to share it. My favorite graphic artist blogger, Jessica, from How About Orange, has created dachshund ribbon. I am not sure what I would make with it, but I might just have to buy some.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Great links!!

Bridget said...

cool idea!!! I tagged you...check out my blog!